Yes, Nancy; Tax Cuts will bring about Armageddon…. For the Democrat Party

Not since John F. Kennedy, has a Democrat stood up in front of the American People and publicly stated that tax cuts were good for everyone.  JFK reminded us that “A rising tide floats all boats.”  JFK realized, as did Ronald Reagan, and now Donald Trump, that lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a simplified tax code benefit all American taxpayers.  Because President Trump campaigned on a platform of lower taxes and reduced regulations, the stock market has soared, major corporations are beginning to reshore funds held overseas, and millions of American workers are receiving raises and bonuses they never expected.

Senator Chuck Schumer call the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, a “punch in the gut to the middle class.”  Senator Chuck is right, middle class democrat voters are going to see their conservative neighbors doing well, making more money, and see real increase in wages.  Finally, middle class democrats are going to have evidence that Liberal Tax & Spend policies hold down the economy, prevent growth, and inhibit prosperity.

This will be most evident in high tax states like California, New York, and New Jersey.  Long time Democrat strongholds, these states have already threatened to sue the Federal Government, and have stood in the way of every tax and regulation reform plan proposed by Republican since the Reagan era.  Middle class flight is going to increase from these high tax states in favor of greater opportunities for middle class families in low-tax states like Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.  As friends and family in these high tax states see their relatives doing well, the tide is going to turn against Liberal, Democrat, Tax & Spend policies, in favor of policies that limit taxes, put prosperity within reach of the average American, and make starting and running your own business easier than ever before.

Here is the link to the original article published by the Foundation for Economic Education.


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