Designed for Success – Billy Graham (1)

Good Day Everyone!

I assume that by now, most of you have heard that the Revered Billy Graham passed away yesterday at the age of 99.  Reverend Graham was America’s Pastor to millions of Christians in the USA, but we was also beloved to millions more across the globe.  While Rev. Graham is best known for his passionate sermons taken directly from biblical scripture, he also gave many sermons and speeches about character and how we all need to strive to be good people of good character.  Today’s 1st SUCCESS quote reminds us that character is everything, and without character, you are nothing.  Let’s all learn and benefit from the wisdom of Reverend Graham and use his wisdom to help us achieve  success in business, politics, life, and everything we do.

Here is another of my favorite quotations on SUCCESS!

To your health, happiness, prosperity!


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