Designed for Success (052) BONUS

Happy SUCCESS Sunday!

I’m getting very close to being caught up for the first two months of 2018, but I wanted to share a thought from another of America’s most beloved pastors, Rev. Robert Schuller.  As a high school student who wanted to become an architect, I thought that the design and construction of the Crystal Cathedral in the late 1970’s was one of the most amazing things I had even seen.  Rev. Schuller overcame near insurmountable odds, including the Carter era depression, interest rates that neared 20%, and massive unemployment (with a corresponding drop in tithes) to create one of the most beautiful houses of worship in the entire United States.  Rev. Schuller reminds all of us that it is preparation that sets us up for success, not blind luck, or happenstance.  Preparation gives us the tools wee need to succeed when opportunity appears.

Let’s all learn from the wisdom of Rev. Schuller and commit to life-long learning so that we are all prepared when opportunity appears before us.

To your health, happiness, prosperity, and SUCCESS!


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