Exploding the Myth of the Underpaid Teacher (Part 1)

Good day everyone,

Recently, I was pulled into a discussion/debate about teacher salaries and the perception that teachers are underpaid, overworked, and burdened to the point of physical and emotional collapse.  In this debate, I was called several rather disgusting things and accused of being a “hater” or “liar” for bringing out the facts.  So, before I begin my expose, let me provide some personal disclosure so that everyone is aware that I do not “hate” teachers and that this isn’t just a witch hunt.

  1. I AM a teacher.  10 years ago I started working, part time for a major university teaching Business, Marketing, Management, to undergrad, and graduate students.  I LOVE being a teacher.
  2. I am also an experienced professional and I regularly hire graduates from the California University system.  I know exactly what kind of student is being allowed to graduate now, and I know exactly how much time I need to spend to correct his/her thinking to make him/her a productive employee.
  3. I am married to a teacher.  The woman that I love has MULTIPLE Master’s degrees, multiple credentials (including math, physical education, and administration).  She has taught in 4 different Districts and at one University.
  4. A few years ago, on a dare, I sat for the CBEST.  A 3-hour test that I completed in 70 minutes and was told that I had passed before even leaving the testing facility.  Based on this one, incredibly easy test, I was allowed to begin my public teaching career, as a substitute, in our local school districts.  To say the bar for entry is low, would be an understatement.
  5. I have done my research and will provide the data to back up my assertions.  While I will focus on one particular District in California, Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD), the data and information for all Districts is readily available for any who wishes to look into their local district.  While there are slight differences in pay and benefits, the State Union, California Teachers Association (CTA) ensures a relative balance between all districts in the State.
  6. During my tenure as a Substitute Teacher, I discovered how most tenured teachers completely revile the work that substitutes can provide. During this expose, I will reveal stories about my experiences teaching everything from Kindergarten, up to High School Business Students, AND I will tell the story of how the CTA and Local Union forced myself and my wife to pony up over $3000 to give a handful of exceptional students, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

My goal here is not to tear down the teaching profession.  There are a number of men and women in my life, many of them teachers, that have contributed to who I am today.  I would name names, but I do not want to embarrass anyone, living or passed.  These women and men, from 3rd grade to 5th-6th grade, to high school English, history, and Community College all contributed in amazing ways to the man  I am today.  But it is time for the Union lies, the Progressive Lies, the Liberal Lies, and the Democrat Lies… TO STOP

It’s time for #TruthToPower #TakeBackCalifornia #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain #WakeUpCalifornia.

To your health, happiness, prosperity!


2 thoughts on “Exploding the Myth of the Underpaid Teacher (Part 1)

    • Hi JoAndra, Thank you for your comment, but I believe your advice is incorrect. “are” is the plural form of the verb “to be”. I am, He is, She is (singular), They are, We are (plural). Men and Women is plural, so my verb should also be plural. I’m not an English or grammar major so if there is some exception to this basic rule, please let me know and I will happily edit my post. Thank you for your help.

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