Liberty and Prosperity for February 13

Liberty Quote 02-13 Carnegie

Liberty and Prosperity for February 13. How many of you have ever worked with someone who was so serious, so intense, so focused, that when he/she walked into the room all the energy was sucked out? These kinds of people have no joy, no love, and no passion for the work that they are doing. Don’t ever be like that. Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest American of the 1800’s, knew that finding joy, doing work that excites you, and occasionally laughing (both at yourself and with others), are keys to success. Today, take the time to find joy in what you are doing, and share a laugh. #LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MicroBusiness #EntrepreneurLife #PersonalGrowth #MAGA #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain #WednesdayMotivation

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