Liberty and Prosperity for January 14

Nearly everyone knows the story of George Washington. Founding Father, General of the Continental Army, and 1st President of the United States. But how much do you know about Washington, the man, and how he became to be the adult and leader of our great nation? Washington, at a very young age, knew that the people you surround yourself with, whether people of good character or poor character, will reflect upon you. Washington, from the age of 16, prided himself on being a man of good character. So, when it was time to put forth a name to be the first President of the United States, George Washington was the first, and only, President to be elected by Unanimous Vote of the Electors. Your character follows you throughout your life, protect yours from being damaged by poor associations. #LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MicroBusiness #EntrepreneurLife #MAGA #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

liberty quote 01-14 washington

Liberty and Prosperity for January 13

Inspiration for January 13. Bishop T. D. Jakes is Pastor of the Potter’s House, one of the largest churches in the United States, located in Dallas, TX. Pastor Jakes has seen more than his share of adversity in his life. Growing up in West Virginia, he came from a family of modest means, but he had great faith in god, and in himself. He reminds all of us that in life there will be setbacks. For some of us, we will get set back many times. But each setback, is the opportunity for a GREAT COMEBACK! Don’t let a setback keep you from achieving your goals, use the experience to reset and relaunch to a better and brighter future. #LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MicroBusiness #EntrepreneurLife #MAGA #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

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Liberty and Prosperity for January 12

Inspiration for January 12. I gained renewed respect for Henry Ford’s ability to overcome adversity after watching “The Men Who Built America” on the History Channel. Ford had a great vision. Not just to make a great automobile, but to make a great automobile that everyone could afford. Of course, Ford’s greatest contribution, the assembly line, came out of the need to do things faster, more efficiently, and with less wasted time and motion. You can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen, YOU must put things in motion for great things to happen. #LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MicroBusiness #EntrepreneurLife #MAGA #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

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Liberty and Prosperity for January 11

Inspiration for January 11. While he was never a President of the USA, we can still learn a great deal about Leadership and Prosperity from Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was a man of great personal and professional integrity who accepted his positions at the side of George Washington (first as a Colonel in the Colonial Army, then as Secretary of the Treasury) with the same level of passion that he debated the new Constitution as a contributor to The Federalist Papers. For all leaders, Hamilton reminds us that personal integrity, a strong sense of personal morality, and steadfast principles are necessary for any leader inspire his followers to greatness. #LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MicroBusiness #EntrepreneurLife #MAGA #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

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Liberty and Prosperity for January 8

President John F. Kennedy was always looking to the future.  He knew that the people of the United States, when challenged to solve great societal problems, were the most creative and innovative people on the earth.  The personal liberty we have, unconstrained by overbearing government laws and regulations, frees the mind of the individual to focus on the future, while learning from the past.  Study the past, know your history and learn its lessons, but always be looking and planning for a brighter future. #LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MicroBusiness #EntrepreneurLife #MAGA #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

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