Liberty and Prosperity for January 10

Inspiration for January 10.  Robert Kiyosaki is an amazing individual and a man that I greatly respect for his tireless efforts to teach others about money, wealth creation, and asset protection.  But Robert always reminds us that you ARE going to make mistakes along the way.  Mistakes are how we learn, how we grow, and how we eventually SUCCEED.  Go ahead, make mistakes.  Learn from those mistakes.   Then pick yourself up and keep growing, learning, and winning! 

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liberty quote 01-10 kiyosaki

Liberty and Prosperity for January 9

Inspiration for January 9.  Many of us forget the lessons that can be learned from President Richard Nixon.  This year marks the 50th Anniversary of his first year (1969) as President.  Like Nixon, we can learn a lot if we focus on our successes, and not upon our setbacks.   For 2019 let’s take words like “failure” out of our vocabulary.  You are never beaten, you never fail, so long as you DO NOT QUIT!

#LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MicroBusiness #EntrepreneurLife #MAGA #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

liberty quote 01-09 nixon

Liberty and Prosperity for Jan. 4

Inspiration for Jan. 4. Winston Churchill states personal improvement is a process. This includes continuous learning and change for the better. PLAN FOR CHANGE in 2019.

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Liberty and Prosperity for January 2

Inspiration for January 2. President Abraham Lincoln reminds us all that we should RESOLVE TO SUCCEED in 2019.  #LibertyQuotes #SuccessQuotes #YouEconomy #BelieveInYourself #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain

Liberty Quote 01-02 Lincoln