What does your logo say about you?

Whether you are developing your personal brand, or your company brand, your Logo will send a strong message to both your clients and your competitors.  For those of you that have studied persuasion, there are 3 types:  Ethos, The Ethical Appeal; Pathos, The Emotional (think passionate) Appeal; and Logos, the Logical Appeal. Your logo should embrace one or more of these forms of persuasion.  Additionally, most long-standing Logos are relatively simple.  Think about Google, McDonald’s, Dell, Coca-Cola, Apple, Target, and dozens of others.  All easily recognizable and identified with a specific brand. Our logo hearkens back to the 1984 presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan, “It’s Morning in America.” The golden sun, rising above the mountains signaling a start of a new day, and new opportunities.

Please let me know what you think.  I appreciate all feedback.

Arivitas Strategies’ Mission

A Mission Statement is a public declaration of how you, your firm, or organization are going to achieve the Organizational Vision.  If your firm doesn’t have a clear Vision of the future, and a Mission Statement to achieve the Vision, then it’s time to take a step back and reassess your reasons for being in business.  A company without a clear direction and purpose is akin to driving a car on Interstate 10, heading east at 80 miles an hour, looking for a beautiful sunset.  While you are making a lot of progress, you are heading the wrong direction, and will never achieve your goals.

Updating my business brand

An open message to my friends, colleagues, and clients. After a year of listening to all of you, Arivitas Partners is making a minor name change and slight re-branding. Our new name, keeping in line with the needs of our clients, is ARIVITAS STATEGIES.

The name change followed a number of discussions wherein our clients and partners agreed that assembling a team of talented professionals was good, but not good enough to achieve client goals in the complex world of land development and environmental compliance. What is needed is a STRATEGY for successful project completion. This included developing a team, then STRATEGIZING about the best way to obtain Entitlement, Environmental, and Construction Document Approval, for new homes, recreation facilities, business parks, and employment centers.

Let me know your thoughts on our new name and brand. I always appreciate feedback from clients, friends, and colleagues.

Our website is still under construction but you can find us here on Facebook Arivitas Strategies

To your success,


Getting Set for Success from Home

I was having a discussion with a former student of mine about his desire to own his own company, to work from home, and become a successful consultant in the security industry. While I have no doubt that he knows and understands the security industry, I do have doubts about his ability to focus and work from home. Unlike working from an office, working from home requires significantly more discipline than getting up every day, take a shower, grabbing a cup of coffee, and heading to the office.

Since were just getting into a new year, to do a little research about what it takes to be successful working from home in the new “You Economy” that seems to be driving much of the innovation and creativity in the nation. Whether you want to sell products on Amazon or eBay; drive for Uber or Lyft; join one of the dozens of direct marketing organizations; or start your own small business, the key to success is to conduct your business like a REAL business.

So here’s some of my ideas for creating a workspace in an environment that will set you up for success.

  1. Have a dedicated workspace. Now this doesn’t mean that you need an entire separate home office, but sharing your workspace with your dining room table or the bed in the master bedroom is not going to allow you to create the environment that inspires successful thinking. If at all possible, have a door between your workspace and the rest of the home so that you can close out all distractions and truly focus on doing what needs to be done.
  2. Have dedicated work hours and a schedule that you maintain. For myself, I do my best to be in my home office by 7:30 in the morning and stay there until about 1 o’clock. I will then take a break, have some lunch, maybe watch a little bit of news or read, but by 3 o’clock I am back in my office again, working.  I like to try to have everything completed by about 6 PM so that I can join my wife for dinner, and then spend the rest of the evening relaxing.
  3. Treat going to your home office in the same manner you would treat going to work for your employer. In other words, get up early, clean yourself up, put on clothes that are appropriate for an office environment (for myself this is typically bluejeans and a button-down shirt), and be in your office at the appropriate schedule time ready to go to work.

If you truly have the entrepreneurial spirit, and the drive to join the “You Economy” then conquering the three items I have outlined above should put you in a place, and a mental state, that will inspire you to success and demonstrate that you have the professionalism and the discipline to be successful.

This post was inspired by Remote Work Starter Kit by B. J. Keeton.