This is an open letter to President Trump, California’s Republican Representatives, John Cox (Republican Candidate for Governor), and all other elected and appointed officials who have not gone complete insane over global climate change and water in California…

It’s time to STOP THE INSANITY! Liberal Democrats, from Gov. Jerry Brown on down, are hell bent on destroying the California Economy, our way of life, and our ability to maintain healthful communities by further restricting water use in the state.  Prior to the introduction of AB 1668, the California Legislature had already reduced the availability of water to the point where many of our Farms, Construction Firms, and Recreation Companies were forced out of business.  Now, the State Legislature wants to limit your ability to shower, wash clothes, cook, or even drink water, all because of the abject failure of every administration since Jerry Brown Jr’s first term in office (in the 1970’s) to expand the States ability to capture, treat, and deliver water to an increasingly thirsty and growing population.

Now, rather than developing new resources (HEY, Jerry, you see that big blue ocean to the west?), Jerry and the Progressives want the California people to further conserve water.  This is at the same time we are committed to building a low-speed choo-choo to nowhere at a cost of $200+ BILLION.  A choo-choo that no one wants, no one needs, and no one will ride (HEY Jerry, you ever hear of hi-speed Airplanes?).  For 10% of the cost of the choo-choo to nowhere, California Coastal Cities and Counties could build ten Desalination Plants along to coast to provide fresh, clean, uninterrupted water to 6 MILLION Southern California residents.  No more droughts, no more rationing, no more conservation for all of San Diego and Orange Counties.  And here is the BONUS! By building these desalination plants (1 approximately every 8 miles along the coast), the various water agencies (IID, MWD, etc) could stop sending water from the Colorado River to coastal communities.  This “saved” water could then be used to restore the Salton Sea, irrigate fields and farms in Imperial, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, and provide safe, fresh, water to a thirsty and growing Inland Empire.  This same desalination technology can be used to maintain water quality and provide fresh water from the Salton Sea once it is refilled to historic levels and the Salton Sea can once again become a massive source of recreation, entertainment, and business opportunity (salt and lithium mining) for California.

It’s past time for the good people of the State of California to demand that our liberal, progressive, legislators and Governor to stop lying to us about desalination.  We have the technology, we have the energy production, the Pacific Ocean will NEVER dry up, and water is something that everyone needs and wants.  The bottom line is that we DO NOT have a water problem here in California, what we have is a LACK OF POLITICAL WILL problem to do the right thing and develop our natural resources that we have, right off of our coast.

This post inspired by an article in the Washington Times by Tammy Bruce.  California’s New Water Restrictions send residents fleeing to Saner States

An Open Letter to Travis Allen

Dear Assemblyman Allen,

For the past several weeks, I’ve been trying to contact you or members of your staff in order to gain information on your platform and how you are going to re-energize the Republican Party in California. To say that I received information that was less than satisfactory would be an overstatement.  It appears, that much like many Republican candidates of the past, you are just repeating the tired, old, political statements, that have resulted in Republican defeat, after defeat, after defeat.

The people of the State of California deserve better than what they’ve received from the Democrat Party over the past 40 years.  The people in the inland communities, especially the deserts and inland valleys, are suffering with some of the most overbearing regulations and laws in the entire United States.  These regulations have destroyed personal initiative, eliminated creativity, held back innovation, and created unprecedented rates of unemployment and poverty, in some of the counties that should be leading the way toward a future of health, wealth, and prosperity.

Those of us that live in Inland California need to hear from you, and understand how you are going to restructure this State from the top to the bottom in order to unleash the potential of the inland valleys and desert communities.  We want to know, that you’re going to dramatically reduce taxes.  Not just the taxes on personal income, but on corporations (large and small), sales, and energy, and gasoline. We want to know that you will work to rollback regulations that inhibit growth.  That you will revisit the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and dramatically streamline the development and permit process so that everyone in California has the opportunity to buy a home without government subsidies.

We also want to know what you’re going to do about California’s infrastructure. In particular we want to know how you going to develop California’s water resources; how are you going to extend and grow our ability to generate clean power, and most importantly, how are we going to connect with the greatest communications infrastructure in the entire United States.

Assemblyman Alan, there’s just a little over 10 months until the election for the next governor of California.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I want to work.  I want to grow the economy, and I want to make California great again.  It’s time for a major change of leadership and a major change in direction in the Golden State.  It’s time that we have a plan for change that will unite the people of California and truly advance our ability to create a healthy, innovative, and prosperous state.


Kevin L. Maevers